Photo: Thank you.

Massachusetts has voted to protect patient safety and support the best health care and hospital system in the country. We have won an opportunity: a chance to start working together as one for patients.

Thank you to our team of nurses, doctors, community leaders and every patient-centered health care organization in the Commonwealth for your tireless efforts to help educate the electorate on the dangers of this proposal. Thank you to everyone who worked your shifts and then volunteered on your days or nights off to knock on doors, make phone calls, participate in debates, speak to community groups or just talk to your neighbors.

Our health care workforce is amazing. Our nurses and doctors, case workers, specialists, EMTs, technicians and leadership all come to work every day determined to provide the best possible care. For the first time ever, every major newspaper and every major patient-focused health care group in Massachusetts came to the same conclusion in this campaign. That’s why the voters empowered us to continue finding solutions together, as health care professionals.

This is the beginning of a conversation, not the end. Question 1 forced some difficult and necessary discussions about the future of health care and the future of our workforce. Speaking with our care teams and our communities was critically important and will continue in legislative debates, bargaining sessions, board rooms and newspapers. These are conversations we owe to the voters. Most importantly, these are conversations we owe to our patients.

Thank you to everyone on both sides of this issue for speaking up, sharing concerns and getting involved. We may not agree on everything, but together we have made Massachusetts hospitals the best in the nation, and together we will continue to make them stronger tomorrow.

With gratitude,
The Coalition to Protect Patient Safety