Massachusetts voters today voiced support for the high-quality of patient care at the state’s hospitals, defeating a measure that would have imposed rigid mandated staffing ratios.

Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA) President & CEO Steve Walsh issued the following statement upon learning the results of today’s election:

“What we won tonight was the ability to continue providing the best possible care for patients throughout Massachusetts.

Our health care workforce is amazing. Our nurses and doctors, case workers, specialists, EMTs, technicians and leadership all come to work every day determined to provide the best possible care. For the first time ever, every major newspaper and every major patient-focused health care group in Massachusetts came to the same conclusion in this campaign. That’s why the voters empowered us to continue finding solutions together, as health care professionals.

This is the beginning of a conversation, not the end. Question 1 forced some difficult and necessary discussions about the future of health care and the future of our workforce going forward. These conversations with our care teams and in our communities have been critically important and will continue in bargaining sessions, legislative debates, board rooms and newspapers. These are conversations we owe to the voters. Most importantly, these are conversations we owe to our patients.

Thank you to everyone on both sides of this issue for speaking up, sharing concerns and getting involved. We may not agree on everything, but together we have made Massachusetts hospitals the best in the nation, and together we will make them stronger tomorrow.”

The Coalition to Protect Patient Safety was supported by the American Nurses Association – Massachusetts, Emergency Nurses Association – Massachusetts Chapter, Organization of Nurse Leaders, Infusion Nurses Society, Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners, Massachusetts Association of Colleges of Nursing, Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses’ Greater Boston Chapter, the Western Massachusetts Nursing Collaborative, the Massachusetts College of Emergency Physicians, the Massachusetts Medical Society, the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association, the Massachusetts Council of Community Hospitals, the Conference of Boston Teaching Hospitals, and over 90 healthcare organizations across the state.

Now that the campaign is over, every health care organization in Massachusetts will be working together as one to improve patient care.

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Dan Cence