Statement from the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety on today’s assignment of a ballot question number:

This issue going to ballot is a twenty-year-old idea from a shrinking union representing less than 25% of nurses in the state.  Our coalition has met with nurses in every hospital and there is a growing movement of RNs that are voting NO on question 1 to oppose these rigid, government mandated staffing ratios, which will impact their ability to deliver the high-quality, safe care Massachusetts hospitals are known for.

The Coalition to Protect Patient Safety has been speaking to hundreds of nurses across the state and we’ve found that, when provided with facts, nurses are opposed to this ill-advised proposal. They know that providing great care is not as simple as a rigid ratio, and that staffing must be based on the dynamic needs of each individual patient. We look forward to educating voters, as we have for the past six months, on the need to ensure patient safety by leaving the real-time staffing decisions to the clinical experts—the nurses delivering the day-to-day care, and not the government.

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Dan Cence